• BAMBI 2014

    Newcomer BAMBI goes to Ariana Grande

    With her powerful voice, 21-year-old American Ariana Grande is breaking every record going. She is the first artist in the history of music to have three songs in the US digital top 10 at the mehr

Bambi Stories

The first BAMBI-awardees announced

It will be a glamorous premiere and unforgettable moment: For the first time, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will have a live appearance on German television for the BAMBI award ceremony in mehr

Stars, glamour and emotions

The BAMBI Award Ceremony broadcasted live from the Stage Theatre in Berlin on Thursday, November 14, 2013 granted great emotions, standing ovations and a TV premiere. German stars like Helene Fischer or the TV series mehr

BAMBI for David Garrett

He performs like a pop star yet his home turf is classical music – David Garrett has been honoured with the BAMBI award in the category “classic”. Seemingly without any efforts he manages to build mehr

BAMBI for Victoria Beckham

Designer, businesswoman, wife & mother: Victoria Beckham has been honoured with the BAMBI award in the category “fashion”. She is one of the world’s most internationally recognized style icons. Victoria rose to fame as one mehr

Bambi for Miley Cyrus

  Bold, provocative and polarizing – 20-year-old Miley Cyrus is an international super star, and with good reason – she is a great musician. With her new album “Bangerz” she is omnipresent in the media mehr

To the BAMBI Stage with Facebook

How would you like to award the superstars of One Direction their trophy on the grand BAMBI stage or take photographs of the stars and meet your idols on the red carpet? BAMBI is using mehr

Great honour for Fuchsberger

  He has shaped the world of German film and television for decades: for almost 60 years, Joachim ‘Blacky’ Fuchsberger has been loved and revered by the Germans. For his impressive ‘life in the spotlight’, mehr

Gabalier Is Awarded a BAMBI

The Austrian musician Andreas Gabalier has recently been causing a stir in the Volksmusik scene and impresses fans of all ages with his Alpine folk music with a rock’n’roll twist, so much that he is mehr

Baumgartner: “Millennium” BAMBI

In October this year, the Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner completed a spectacular stunt by jumping from a height of 39 kilometres (24 miles) at a speed of up to 1342 kilometres per hour (834 miles mehr


They rank among the greatest entertainers of our time, regularly fill out entire stadiums with their live shows and excite people across generations – Robbie Williams, Udo Jürgens and Helene Fischer. All three can be mehr